Jan Fedinger [EU, 1983] is a visual artist and designer that works across various media while using Light as prime medium of expression. His oeuvre comprises performative installations and installatief performances, lighting design, performing, photography, drawings as wel as general design.
Work of Jan has been shown across Europe and beyond in context of theatre and visual art. He is seeking to create environments that have not yet been perceived but that have only been dreamed of.

Next to his autonome work he has collaborated with artists such as Jefta van Dinther, Jan Martens, TG Schwalbe, Daniel Linehan, Alban Richard, Aitana Cordero and Mélanie Perrier.

Since 2019 Jan Fedinger is supported by Standplaats Utrecht.

Currently on tour is Jans performance land[e]scapes 3 - if we keep on staring into the sun another new world might emerge, as wel as his visual designs for Rule of Three by Jan Martens , Flökt by Bára Sigfúsdóttir, and Fix Me by Alban Richard.
2020/21 will see the premiere of jans new performance  
land[e]scapes 4 - redistribution of wealth by nature [working title] as well as new projects with Alban Richard, Aïna Alegre and Jan Martens.