land[e]scapes 4

redistribution of wealth by nature [working title]

land[e]scapes 4 - redistribution of wealth by nature is the 4th instalment of the land[e]scapes series developed by jan fedinger

land[e]scapes is a series of immersive art works imagined by Jan Fedinger that investigates the relation of humankind to nature, reality and other evolving environments. They are positioned between contemporary forms of theatre / performance and visual art while drawing aesthetics from classical landscape art.

The series investigates the performativity of environments while aiming to create the circumstances for a poetic experience inspired by nature.
land[e]scapes stand in the tradition of landscape-art, showing natural environments disconnected from their context. Aiming to preserve existing natural phenomena for future generations. Imagining future nature for a contemporary audience to reflect on the impact  they have on their surrounding.

land[e]scapes stand in the tradition of electronic arts, exploring electronic environments that are now common but used to be called future when we were young. land[e]scapes aims to preserve the wild of nature because we will not fight to save what we don t love.

land[e]scpapes 4 - redistribution of wealth by nature [working title] is a researches in the treatment of wealth within nature and society.
The rainbow, one expression of natures riches, functions here as a departing point. The research focuses on the state of society within a system that nurtures and urges for consummation and multiplication of possessions. Where one wants, desires and expects. All the while time is flying by.

Through the use of saturation in colour and sensorial stimulation, the work aims to create spaces wherein thought can flow freely, unhindered by conventions and habit. Spaces that challenge ones perception of reality and dream alike.

concept: jan fedinger
musical composition: invader_rui
dramaturgy: christina flick
sound dramaturgy: david kiers
assistence: Grischa Runge
production: Standplaats Utrecht
co-production:  e‾lektron, Tallinn
Stamsund internasjonaler teater festival

thanks to: BUDA Kortrijk, Centre Choréographique de Caen en Normandie


may 2021 - SPRING 21 Utrecht festival, NL

19 march 2021 - BougeB, DeSingel, Antverp, B

video version

09 march 2021 La Scène National d’Orléans, F

video version

march 2021 - e‾lektron Tallinn, EE


29 may 2020 - Stamsund internasjonale teater festival, No

16 - 31 may 2020 - SPRING Utrecht festival

transformed version to fit SPRING on Screen


07  september 2019  -  Gaudeamus Festival - HetHuis Utrecht

06  september 2019  -  Gaudeamus Festival - HetHuis Utrecht