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reflecting light

since a number of years jan fedinger has been meeting with artists and designers that work with light in theatre to create a conversation about light in the context of live and alive art. to find ways to articulate practises and expertises of this art form that is mostly perceived by the eyes and only little talked about. these conversations have been initiated within the walls of BUDA, Kortrijk, initiated by MInna Tiikkainen, Henri Doublier, Jan Maertens, Bruno Pocheron, Emese Csornai, Tomi Humalisto, Bram Coeman and jan fedinger. since 2021 this research has now widen and is facilitated as well by KASK, Gent, where we are sharing our research with the students of the drama department.

you can follow our findings, our articulations, our propositions and misguidances in a fanzine that we are sharing with you irregularly

it an be read as a pdf on screen or printed DIY at home to read as a tangible medium

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personality of light
lecture performance held at the theatre Academy of Helsinki, department of lighting and sound design [VÄS]

04. november 2016