what is left on stage [wlos] is an investigation into the materiality of performing arts.
a series portrait photographies of [dance-] performers just before and just after the performance, exhibit in juxtaposition

Performing arts live in the moment. After they have been witnessed there is little to hold on to except for a memory. In that performing arts role within the art world is a special one. Other then for example painting, sculpture or even music The lack of materiality contributes to some lack of serious regard. The outcome can not be collected, traded or preserved. This puzzle raises the question to what is that, that performing arts produce? How can the physical work of physical people with physical materials in physical spaces result in something that can not be grasped once the performance is over. How can one preserve an experience?

wlos investigates this puzzle by close observation of performing arts prime protagonists, the performers and the performance makers. The audience is invited to study the transformation performers are undergoing throughout the performance.

surviving to nr. 3

the dog days are over


into the big world

the karaoke dialogues